Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Services

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Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Services

Improve program finances, and support patient-centered care

Medicaid PCM (Patient Care Management)

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Our sophisticated software and administrative capabilities are supported by hands-on account management. Our clinical resources are dedicated to the success of our state Medicaid plan customers.


Ease the Management of Pharmacy Claims:

Removing the significant burden of processing and adjudicating these claims directly.

Streamline the Prior Authorization Process:

Simplify one of the most complex steps in the pharmacy transactional chain.

Improve Knowledge of Drug Lists and Pipelines:

Leverage the expertise of our dedicated pharmacy and clinical professionals.

Support Patients Clinical Needs:

Through informed care management and improving adherence to prescribed drug regimens for better clinical outcomes.

Maximize Rebates While Avoiding Costs:

Enhance the financial health of your Medicaid pharmacy programs.

Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Services