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About Us

We’re focused on accelerating the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform.

Goal: To help payers, providers, and consumers improve clinical and financial outcomes so that everyone in the healthcare system can thrive.

Our values-driven culture:

Pursue Purpose We’re here to make healthcare work better. The opportunity to help improve a person’s life propels us forward.

Be Agile We focus equally on speed and stability, which enables us to be both reliable and nimble as we adapt quickly, get things done, and never stop searching for the best answer.

Champion Innovation We move fast and advance with a visionary approach and a pragmatic eye, turning today’s brainstorms into tomorrow’s solutions.

Earn Trust We act with integrity, holding ourselves and each other accountable, and work hand-in-hand with our customers to achieve success together.

  • Assurance Reimbursement Management™

    Assurance Reimbursement Management™

    • Increase your first pass claim acceptance rate. Our comprehensive edits package helps you stay current with changing payer rules and regulations.

    • Heighten your staffs productivity with intuitive, …

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