Dental Credentialing Manager

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Dental Credentialing Manager

A customizable entry system for dental providers that want to simplify the complex credentialing process

Credentialing Dental Hygienists

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Reduce Errors and Improve Productivity:

Save Time:

  • Applications can be initially completed in about 20 minutes, and require only a few minutes each year to update and re-attest.

  • Reduce the risk of typos and errors by entering the information needed for all applications just once into a single, consolidated form.

  • Stay compliant to reduce the number of rejected filings. Receive automated reminders to update incomplete or expiring information.

Improve Productivity:

  • Staff can complete 30 applications in the time it previously took to complete one, allowing more time for patient care.

  • Increase revenue by easily credentialing with additional insurance and discount plans, improving your accessibility for more consumers.

Wait Less:

With an automated, online system, there’s no need to wait on back-and-forth rounds through the post office.

Dental Credentialing Manager