Dental Claim Attachments

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Dental Claim Attachments

An electronic claims-attachment solution for dental providers and payers that want to simplify the submission of supporting documentation

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Know What to Attach, and When:

With payers specific attachment criteria built into the workflow, providers know what supporting documentation is required on the front end.

Reduce Re-Work:

Submitting claims correctly the first time mitigates a backlog in providers offices, and precludes payers spending time on follow-up requests.

Save on Paper, Printing, and Postage:

Providers can reduce these expenses by submitting attachments electronically vs. manually.

Add Advanced Edits:

Payers can automatically reject or pend claims submitted without required attachments.

Reduce Expenses:

Using a URL/hyperlink or our Dental Connect Portal, health plans only pay for attachments viewed with free, unlimited subsequent views.

Maximize Efficiency:

Submitting attachments electronically saves time, paper, and money and eliminates the need to store documentation physically.

Dental Claim Attachments