Customer Experience Enhancement Solutions

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Customer Experience Enhancement Solutions

CelPlan wireless enhancement solutions provide customer experience improvement, capacity increase and CAPEX/PEX reduction

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CelPlan has developed a unique set of tools to optimize 4G and 5G networks: Data traffic is compelled and consequently self-adjusting to the network capacity.

  • This adjustment influences customer satisfaction.

  • The network OSS and existing tools cannot evaluate customer satisfaction.

  • 4G and 5G networks are self-healing against noise and interference (through modulation schemes).

  • This feature reduces network capacity and increases interference.

  • An interference avalanche effect occurs.

  • Network measurements cannot identify the avalanche source and result in random network fixes, incurring in very large OPEX without effective results.

  • Sixty percent of sites deployed today to increase capacity are ineffective and, in many cases, reduce the network capacity, resulting in a waste of CAPEX.

Customer Experience Enhancement Solutions