Current trends in healthcare for 2024

Current trends in healthcare for 2024

Healthcare is an ever evolving industry, as a result here are the top 10 current trends we expect to see playing a crucial role in 2024.

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The article discusses 10 pivotal trends anticipated to play a crucial role in the healthcare sector in 2024. Some key trends include:

Moving Care into Homes: The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted patient preferences towards receiving medical care at home. Technologies such as online pharmacies, telehealth, and wearable devices are facilitating remote diagnostics and therapies.

Integrating Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs): Large language models, like ChatGPT, are being evaluated for applications in healthcare. These models can assist in managing diseases, providing daily recommendations, patient education, triage, reimbursement claims, appointment scheduling, and medical translation.

Streamlining Clinical Trials: Digital technologies are being used to streamline clinical trials, making participation more accessible through local facilities or remote options. Technologies such as large language models and wearable devices play a role in screening subjects, patient engagement, and study design.

Identifying Digital Biomarkers: Digital biomarkers, correlated to specific conditions, are being developed using machine learning and AI. These biomarkers, derived from wearable devices or medical imaging data, aim to enable more accurate and reliable disease diagnosis.

Supporting the Smart Lab for Clinical Tests: Clinical labs are adopting greater automation and digital technologies to address challenges such as staff shortages. Improved workspace design, quality management systems, robotics, and cloud-based technologies are being utilized to enhance efficiency.

Increasing Adoption of Mass Spectrometry (Mass Spec) in Clinical Labs: Mass spec is gaining popularity in clinical labs for routine diagnostic testing and drug monitoring. It offers improved sensitivity and specificity in molecular detection, contributing to better screening of pathogens and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Using Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for Value-Based Healthcare: CDSS, incorporating AI, helps manage patient data, enhancing critical decision-making for physicians. It includes alerts for medication interactions, best practices, health maintenance, and differential diagnosis.

Elevating Population Health Management: The integration of data from physician visits, lab tests, genomics, and wearable devices is essential for addressing public health challenges. Identifying health risks in populations and taking preventive measures contribute to better clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

Investing in Women's Health: Increased investments in the women's healthcare ecosystem aim to address underserved aspects such as funding for women-centric conditions, representation in clinical trials, and reducing misdiagnoses.

Leveraging Data Monetization in Healthcare: With the availability of electronic health records and data from digital technologies, healthcare organizations can explore data monetization strategies. This includes negotiating benefit terms with health insurers or sharing data with pharmaceutical companies for personalized medicines and diagnostics.

The article emphasizes the transformative nature of these trends in reshaping healthcare delivery, urging stakeholders to stay current to ensure optimal patient outcomes and the overall advancement of healthcare practices within their organizations.

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