How Digital Health Tools Can Help Promote Vaccine Adherence

How Digital Health Tools Can Help Promote Vaccine Adherence

The application of technology to develop and deploy effective vaccination adherence campaigns shouldn’t be limited to COVID-19.

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The convergence of flu, RSV, and COVID-19 in what's called a "tripledemic" has led to significant health issues and the postponement of medical procedures in overwhelmed healthcare systems. To mitigate this, the introduction of an RSV vaccine alongside flu and COVID-19 vaccines could be beneficial, but it relies on patient adherence to recommended vaccinations.

Vaccine coverage among adults has declined over time, and a similar trend is observed in young patients. This decline in vaccination rates is concerning, especially in light of potential funding cuts for child vaccination programs.

To address this issue, healthcare providers and public health agencies can utilize technology to promote vaccine adherence effectively. This includes:

Identifying At-Risk Patients: Technology can help identify patients who are not up-to-date on their vaccines or are at risk of health issues due to non-adherence.

Engagement and Outreach: Tools can be used to inform patients about necessary vaccines and provide educational materials about their benefits.

Tracking Compliance: Data analytics can monitor vaccination compliance and ensure that patients complete their vaccine series.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technology was successfully employed to identify high-priority vaccine recipients and encourage preventive care. Data analytics allowed healthcare organizations to target resources effectively, such as sending personalized text messages to higher-risk patients.

The lessons learned from COVID-19 vaccination efforts can be applied to broader vaccination campaigns. This includes identifying high-risk patient groups, considering social determinants of health, incorporating demographic data, running targeted outreach campaigns, and collaborating with external vaccine delivery partners like local pharmacies.

In conclusion, technology-driven vaccination adherence campaigns should extend beyond COVID-19 and encompass other critical vaccinations like seasonal flu, RSV, and underutilized vaccines such as HPV. Leveraging technology and preventative interventions can enhance community health and patient outcomes.

About Dr. Kate Behan: Dr. Kate Behan is the Chief Medical Officer at Arcadia, where she combines her clinical expertise with healthcare strategies to support organizations in value-based care. She has extensive experience in healthcare leadership roles and is dedicated to improving patient care through technology. Her background includes academic, large health systems, and payer organizations. Dr. Behan is a strong advocate for technology's role in transforming care delivery in value-based healthcare.

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