Creating A Thriving Patient-Centric Data Economy

Creating A Thriving Patient-Centric Data Economy

The patient-centric data economy is a new frontier where disease-ending insights for everyone are at the forefront. Array Insights CEO shares

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  • Patient data holds immense potential for medical research and life-saving breakthroughs.
  • The current research ecosystem is fragmented, with valuable datasets inaccessible to researchers and controlled by large entities.
  • A shift is needed from a data re-selling economy to a patient-benefitting insights economy.
  • This shift requires a collective mindset change, creative technology, and non-profit organizations as data stewards.
  • Patient advocacy and non-profit health organizations can play a crucial role in managing and safeguarding patient data.
  • Patient data is currently controlled by institutions, but it should be democratized and controlled collectively.
  • Data brokers and profiteers compromise patient data privacy and ethics.
  • Data should be viewed as a valuable and infinite resource, not finite like traditional assets.
  • The focus should be on empowering patients to control their data.
  • Patient advocacy organizations are well-suited to manage and share patient data for research.
  • These organizations can function as data trusts or cooperatives, similar to credit unions, where data is securely managed.
  • Technology, education, and clear data governance parameters are necessary for a patient-centric data economy.
  • A patient-centric data economy has the potential to revolutionize medical research and improve healthcare outcomes for everyone.

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