Here Is How Digital Health Devices Helped Me Recover From A Serious Infection

Here Is How Digital Health Devices Helped Me Recover From A Serious Infection

I got a Hepatitis A infection 3 months ago. Now that I’m almost entirely over it, I wanted to share how digital health devices helped me save my sanity over the past months. According to the Public Health Authority which examined the reported infections and found their origin, I was introduced to Hepatitis A via a batch of raspberries, delivered to me by one of the high-end downtown restaurants. When infected with Hepatitis A, you have nothing to do, but wait: rest in bed, drink plenty of water, and keep a diet. Expecting it to be a passing gastro-tract infection, I was not worried for the first few days. But the shock of learning about being infected with Hepatitis was nothing compared to the journey of the following weeks. And by waiting – my doctors stressed – they meant weeks, possibly months of slow recovery, all spent at home, for the first weeks: in a bed. However, having all these devices available allowed me to track a good amount of data on a single platform – which was comfortable, but by no means necessary, you could do the same with devices from a number of manufacturers) The sleep sensor showed my average heart rate (HR) was above 80 even during my sleep during the acute phase of the infection, while it is around 55 during my resting hours normally. I was able to track when the acute phase ended with my sleep and HR data, as it dropped back to 55-60. After the acute phase passed, I was reminded by the smartwatch that my daily activity tops at a few hundred steps – I was at home all day, after all. My fitness level – according to my watch – dropped to a minimum, and only started to look significantly better recently. I needed several workouts to start seeing improvements, and my readings are back to normal in that respect by now: my heart rate is back to around 65-70 just 2-3 minutes after running.

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