Personalized Medicine: Custom-made patient healthcare

Personalized Medicine: Custom-made patient healthcare

Posted Oct 3, 2021 from

Genomically, we are more than 99 percent alike but separated, on average, by millions of genetic variations. This is where Personalized Medicine comes in.

The concept of Personalized Medicine is defined by genetics, using the customisation of medical treatment based on an individual’s genetic profile. Over time, Personalized Medicine evolved to include other variables unique to an individual, such as environment and lifestyle. Personalized Medicine flips the script on conventional medicine.

Traditional medicine is based on identifying therapies that target entire populations. However, Personalized Medicine is tailoring treatment according to the unique molecular or genetic mapping of an individual patient and understanding how these unique features contribute to the occurrence of certain disease patterns and progression.

Let’s review a few examples of how Personalized Medicine is applied in healthcare.

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