Chatbots in Healthcare: A More Humanized, Patient-Oriented Approach

Chatbots in Healthcare: A More Humanized, Patient-Oriented Approach

Posted Sep 11, 2021 from

The adoption of chatbots and virtual assistants, coupled with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, has revolutionized the healthcare industry. In many ways, chatbots have become ubiquitous, providing a more optimized user experience through digital means.

The healthcare industry has already benefited immensely from this technology, namely through greater access to valuable services and information, more accuracy in determining what care patients require, and reduced costs for patients and providers alike. Below, I take a deeper look into these benefits.

Improved Access to Quality Care and Information

For many patients, actually visiting a physician or specialist can be challenging; the commute often takes a considerable amount of time, which is difficult for working individuals and those without reliable transportation, and in some cases, patients may feel that their concerns are not worth the hassle of a trip. Chatbots can provide a simple solution to these issues by reducing unnecessary transportation and associated costs and providing insight into patient concerns to determine whether an in-person consultation is essential.

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