Why AI in Healthcare Needs Human-Centered Design?

Why AI in Healthcare Needs Human-Centered Design?

Posted Sep 20, 2021 from

I’m a firm believer in the promise of artificial intelligence (AI): a tool that, if used in a smart way, can give healthcare providers superpowers by putting the right information at their fingertips in the moments that truly matter to them and their patients. Yet I also believe that in order to deliver on that promise, we must focus on people – not technology – first.   

In conversations with healthcare leaders around the world, one challenge that typically comes up is the difficulty of finding enough specialized physicians to meet the growing need for care. At that point I like to ask: what if we could make your existing physicians twice as effective and efficient, enabling them to make better decisions while spending more time with patients?

That’s essentially the promise of AI – whether it’s through automating mundane chores that take away a physician’s focus from the patient, or by providing clinical decision support in the moments that ultimately have the power to lead to better health outcomes.

And yet, for all its technological advances, surprisingly few AI applications have successfully made their way from the research lab into clinical practice. What’s holding AI in healthcare back?

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