CIOs' Instrumental Role in Encouraging Innovation

CIOs' Instrumental Role in Encouraging Innovation

Posted Sep 10, 2021 from

Innovation starts with education. Those leading the change need to know where to go with their new ideas. They also need to perceive where there is a reward for taking what can be personal risk in pursuing an idea. And in cases where CIOs are themselves pushing the organization forward — being what Deloitte calls change instigators — they need to partner with the influencers within their company to get innovation happening. This means CIOs need to consciously build the right relationships and open processes for working with business counterparts.

At the same time, CIOs need to make it clear that it is acceptable to learn and fail. Without this understanding, it's hard to tell people not to worry about failure. A culture that look to place blame when something goes wrong will not succeed at innovation. 

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  • CIOs' Instrumental Role in Encouraging Innovation

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