Manage Pain Using VR and Biofeedback

Manage Pain Using VR and Biofeedback

Posted Jul 6, 2021 from

I (Celine) started the company because I grew up around pancreatic cancer patients, who were experiencing excruciating pain. People close to me passed away from a morphine overdose and not even cancer itself. I saw how pain affected someone not just physically, but also psychologically and socially.

Later when I was developing interactive content at DreamWorks, I got involved with VR and biometric feedback for entertainment experiences. This resonated strongly with me because of my personal experience.

When we developed Flowly we were adamant about two things: it has to be accessible (needs to be easy to use at home) and it has to be science-backed. Our NIH grant cites over 300+ studies using VR and biofeedback for pain and anxiety management. We've conducted case studies, Phase I clinical trials, and have more trials coming up.

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