Improving Coding Processes to Achieve Value-Based Care Success

Improving Coding Processes to Achieve Value-Based Care Success

Posted Jan 4, 2021 from

Value-based care is about efficiently providing the most cost-effective yet highest quality care that improves patient outcomes. There are a number of studies showing that physicians in value-based care programs demonstrate a higher quality of care than physicians only in fee-for-service models. These improved outcomes in value-based care are dependent on PCPs being at the center of patient care.

In this transition to value-based care, documentation and accurate coding are critical for PCPs. Value-based care programs depend on PCPs who have a thorough knowledge of the patient accurately assessing and documenting the needs of their patient population, reflected by disease acuity or health risk. A thorough and accurate assessment ensures that provider reimbursement will be sufficient to cover the costs of care coordination and additional services necessary to achieve improved patient outcomes and better quality of care.

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