Turning Patient Cancellations Into Revenue

Turning Patient Cancellations Into Revenue

Posted Jan 4, 2021 from

The internet has changed the way all industries do business. It has permitted consumers to give direct and instant online reviews on various products and services. This allows suppliers to learn and improve overall customer satisfaction.

However, despite being one of every six dollars in the US economy, healthcare has lagged other industries in its focus on customer satisfaction.

Electronic health records (EHRs) have expanded dramatically in the last decade, starting with hospitals, and now have penetrated to smaller provider practices. Currently, most EHRs focus on billing, clinical care, and legal documentation and not on enhancing the patient’s experience. While surgery may be assisted by a robot, and an MRI may be read with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI), making an appointment for either service is still made with a telephone, a pencil, and sometimes a fax machine.

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