Growing Your Business With an Email Marketing Strategy

Growing Your Business With an Email Marketing Strategy

Posted Jan 19, 2021 from

Personalized email marketing is an effective, cost-efficient strategy to improve patient outcomes, boost your brand, and grow your healthcare business.

There are various ways to encourage patients or potential patients to opt-in to receive marketing emails from you. For example, you can include a marketing authorization form in a new patient’s intake paperwork or provide a signup link on your website.

Successful email marketing engages readers with content that benefits them. Patients will be more likely to open and read a message that solves their problem or is genuinely useful or interesting.

Spelling errors and poor grammar reflect poorly on your practice and make it hard for patients to seriously take the message.

At least one other set of eyes needs to review them because it can be difficult for you to spot mistakes since you are so close to the content.

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