EHR Browser Extensions Optimize Value-Based Care and More

EHR Browser Extensions Optimize Value-Based Care and More

Posted Jan 25, 2021 from

EHRs are used to manage patient records, but they’re only as effective as the information that’s entered. Typically, this means they represent a single source of patient information, usually from the primary care physician (PCP). Once the patient seeks care from another provider, ER, or specialists, the benefits of the EHR begin to break down. Data generated by multiple providers or specialists aren’t likely to reach the PCP.

Another factor impacting breakdown is these providers, hospitals, and specialists typically are treating only the current condition presented at the point of care rather than all the issues confronting the whole patient. EHRs fail to contain a full picture of the patient or have capabilities to share information, especially those residing in hospitals that use coding to drive the best diagnoses-related group (DRG) and serve cost containment initiatives.

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  • EHR Browser Extensions Optimize Value-Based Care and More

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