Low Patient Portal Adoption Could Stymie COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Low Patient Portal Adoption Could Stymie COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Posted Jan 22, 2021 from

Many organizations are using patient portal messaging to let patients know when they have become eligible for the shot, something that is happening for individuals over age 65 in many states. Some medical providers are also using the patient portal for appointment scheduling, letting patients use the patient portal to pick the time they will get their COVID-19 vaccination.

Patient portal signup falls along racial lines, the data furthered, mirroring the racial health disparities seen in COVID-19 infection rates. People at higher risk of becoming infected with the virus are the least likely to have a patient portal to learn more about a vaccine.

It will be essential for healthcare organizations leaning on the patient portal for the vaccine rollout to scan its population for patient portal enrollment. Targeted patient outreach could compel more patients to make a patient portal account in order to get their vaccine, Malani suggested.

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