Preparing for Widespread COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

Preparing for Widespread COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment

Posted Jan 22, 2021 from

The COVID-19 vaccine will be available in a phased approach, with priority populations varying state-by-state, and in some cases, by zip code. It is expected that, in most states, frontline workers and the most vulnerable populations will be first to receive the immunization.

Technology can provide that infrastructure, helping providers avoid becoming overwhelmed by the demand while also ensuring a safe and seamless experience for patients, which in turn will help accelerate widespread immunity protection.

Virtual assistants, in particular, are poised to streamline vaccine information and deployment significantly. These tools help manage the entire patient journey for vaccination, all while relieving administrative burdens for hospital staff.

As providers urgently need to execute their COVID-19 vaccine deployment plans, digital technology is prepared to shoulder the demand and streamline the process for both patients and providers.

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