The Benefits of Automated EHR Data Extraction

The Benefits of Automated EHR Data Extraction

Posted May 3, 2021 from

Given today’s enormous healthcare challenges, a growing number of physicians recognize the value of seamless, automated patient health data exchange and its contribution to overcoming issues related to transparency and communication.

Physician practices should look for an innovative approach that enhances workflows and clinical decision-making. This can virtually eliminate human transmission errors, which can result from faxing and uploading documentation for supplemental data. Most importantly, this automated approach closes quality care gaps in near real-time.

Physicians who want their practices to remain sustainable are moving toward value-based models and embracing the tools that provide the most efficient high-touch care, generate improved outcomes and enable them to improve financial performance.

Now more than ever, physicians across the country need this level of innovative technology solution to drive data interoperability, optimize care quality, reduce administrative burden, enhance value-based care initiatives and improve financial performance and communication.

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