One Year Later: Key Lessons in Healthcare Technology

One Year Later: Key Lessons in Healthcare Technology

Posted May 3, 2021 from

When thinking through health systems’ biggest lessons learned during the pandemic, two key takeaways rise to the top. First, having a secure and automated wireless network infrastructure greatly impacts a health system’s ability to deliver care exactly when and where it’s needed most. And second, artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing are no longer fringe technologies reserved for futuristic use cases – they are now cornerstone to supporting everyday services, including telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

Right away, the COVID-19 pandemic proved how important it is for care providers to be able to deploy a predictable, reliable, and measurable network – anywhere that care is needed.

To future-proof their networks, providers must heed the lessons learned during the pandemic and prioritize next-generation infrastructure for fast and secure connectivity. 

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  • One Year Later: Key Lessons in Healthcare Technology

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