How Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit From Private LTE

How Healthcare Organizations Can Benefit From Private LTE

Posted Apr 27, 2021 from

As healthcare organizations further embrace mobility and integration, the number of devices connected to their wireless networks continues to grow. The need for more expansive Wi-Fi has led many facilities to increase their number of access points in an effort to keep up with network demand.

However, private LTE can offer a cost-effective solution to offload devices from healthcare organizations’ Wi-Fi networks. This technology can provide many benefits to organizations looking for better ways to manage their networks.

Offloading those devices from Wi-Fi to a private LTE network allows facilities to support the devices in a more cost-effective way with fewer access points. Healthcare organizations could spend 30 to 40 percent less on wireless connectivity by moving devices from Wi-Fi to private LTE networks.

It’s important to find the right partner to deploy private LTE. Access point installation requires knowledge of LTE cellular technology, networking, and cabling.

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