Key Needs for a Resilient Healthcare Information Security Program

Key Needs for a Resilient Healthcare Information Security Program

Posted Dec 30, 2020 from

Currently, there are far too many cybersecurity considerations when it comes to making a more secure healthcare system, as internal users continue to be one of the biggest risks to the healthcare system and hackers are increasingly improving the sophistication of their phishing campaigns, she added. And those threats have rapidly increased amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 cybersecurity risks have not negated previous cybersecurity concerns. Instead, providers must be concentrating their efforts on closing as many gaps as possible. Because however fast the sector moves the needle on security, hackers are working at a far greater pace to breach those vulnerabilities.

Namely, the expansion of telehealth has spurred the need for a more effective cybersecurity training and education program to help those with previous limited experience with these technologies get a grasp on potential risks and to support secure communication between providers and patients, Mookencherry explained. 

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