Digital Health Is Central to Value-Based Payment Strategies

Digital Health Is Central to Value-Based Payment Strategies

Posted Dec 29, 2020 from

​Admittedly, over the past decade, the transition to value has been slower than initially projected. However, COVID-19 has made it clear the time for value is now—and payers are taking notice. CMS has stated that its FFS system “is insufficient … because it limits payment to what goes on inside a doctor’s office. The transition to a value-based system has never been so urgent.” CMS has signaled that it will likely continue to implement and expand VBP programs in order to ensure healthcare access, innovation, and improved outcomes.

To maximize financial gains under a VBP model, providers should take stock of digital health solutions (some of which they may have recently implemented to manage COVID-19) that will optimize performance and address some of the challenges of VBP models.

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