Working Toward Seamless Care Delivery With Real-Time Data

Working Toward Seamless Care Delivery With Real-Time Data

Posted Feb 5, 2021 from

Current care delivery is, for the most part, conducted on an episodic basis. Patients generally see their doctors when they don't feel well, limiting clinicians' ability to provide holistic, comprehensive care.

To further enhance the care experience and improve the relationship between patients and clinicians, Highmark Health recently announced a six-year partnership with Google Cloud to build and maintain the Living Health model's innovation engine.

The agreement includes the development of the Living Health Dynamic Platform, which will work to overcome complexities and fragmentation in the healthcare industry.

“There's a fair amount of fragmentation in healthcare today, and it can be a frustrating process to navigate. It's more reactive than it is proactive, and it's generally focused on treating sickness – not necessarily on promoting health or early detection,” Karen Hanlon, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Highmark Health.

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  • Working Toward Seamless Care Delivery With Real-Time Data

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