The Feasibility of Mobile Telehealth Solutions

The Feasibility of Mobile Telehealth Solutions

Posted Oct 8, 2020 from

COVID-19 thrust telemedicine into the national spotlight. This year, telehealth adoption skyrocketed as healthcare organizations worked to overcome unique challenges brought on by the pandemic, including the risk of clinician exposure, inpatient visitation restrictions, and home quarantine with little to no clinical support. New telehealth use cases emerged to limit the use of PPE, support secure tele-rounding and virtually connect isolated patients with loved ones. 

The pandemic has undeniably changed normal operating procedures for healthcare providers. Advancements and increased adoption in the world of telehealth may change the way consumers prefer to receive care forevermore. As you evaluate your best path forward, mobile telehealth infrastructure represents an ideal avenue for adaptable care delivery today and in the future.

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