Four Telehealth Tips for Hospitals and Health Systems

Four Telehealth Tips for Hospitals and Health Systems

Posted Mar 19, 2021 from

When used correctly, telehealth can be a powerful vehicle to drive patient access, action, and adherence while protecting provider revenue.

Marketing the ability to conduct virtual visits is important, but you also need to think about the patient experience. Your telehealth strategy can quickly fall off track if patients don’t have a good first experience. Here are four ways your hospital or health system can set your patients up for virtual visit success.

The patient journey should not only be seamless in person but virtually as well. This starts with arming patients with the necessary tools and resources they need to prepare for a successful virtual visit. First, send a test link and have the patient attempt to join the discussion to ensure he or she has the right hardware and technology for the upcoming visit. 

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  • Four Telehealth Tips for Hospitals and Health Systems

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