How to Optimize Health IT Systems for Immunization Drives

How to Optimize Health IT Systems for Immunization Drives

Posted Apr 16, 2021 from

Health IT can only be an enabler in vaccination drives. To effectively digitize the immunization process, it is important to map all workflows and stakeholders of the immunization platform or application being used.

The primary stakeholders in a vaccination program include the patient, the physician, the vaccination administrator, and the public surveillance authorities who track vaccine administration and efficacy, especially in an outbreak.

Maintaining the cold chain for vaccines is an important activity, especially when vaccines are transported over long distances and require storage under specified conditions. Tracking technologies include sensors to monitor the temperature of the vials and dashboards to track the supply chain logistics across various distribution channels.

A centralized vaccine management platform is designed to provide real-time access to vaccine-administration data, check eligibility, allow scheduling and support outreach campaigns, public reporting, and decision-making.

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