Virtual Care/TeleHealth Operations–Don’t Do This

Virtual Care/TeleHealth Operations–Don’t Do This

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Provider Telehealth Access Fraud and Abuse Concerns. It is important to remember that telehealth equipment and software, and access to telehealth equipment and software, may constitute remuneration under Federal and state fraud and abuse laws. As a result, organizations should assess proposed transactions to furnish telehealth equipment or access to providers for compliance with those rules.

A telehealth compliance plan and effective access protocols can help providers and facilities avoid potential fraud and abuse, privacy, and risk management pitfalls.

Involving compliance and legal teams early to review and structure a proposed hub-spoke telehealth arrangement can help to avoid costly compliance issues and operational delays.

Engaging key team members, such as credentialing, reimbursement, and operational staff early will help to ensure that a new telehealth program and the process for onboarding new telehealth providers goes smoothly.

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