The Future of Care Demands a Virtual Health Ecosystem

The Future of Care Demands a Virtual Health Ecosystem

Posted Mar 31, 2021 from

The future of patient care will mean leveraging technology such as telehealth where and when it makes sense. Even the most forward-thinking futurists recognize that, in certain situations and with certain patients, there’s no replacement for a hands-on, in-person appointment with a physician.

Instead, this future will be centered on a virtual health ecosystem that leverages a range of technology to enable care to shift away from the clinical setting when appropriate.

As healthcare continues to develop clinical best practices for the use of telehealth and as systems face the need to continue providing care to COVID-19 patients, it’s critical for the industry to keep building momentum.

By pushing beyond the telehealth visit to create and nurture a virtual health ecosystem, healthcare can seize the opportunity that technology adoption during COVID-19 has provided.

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