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How the Telehealth Explosion Will Shape the Future of Healthcare

How the Telehealth Explosion Will Shape the Future of Healthcare

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For many, telehealth’s growth has been an eye-opener. One study found that only 25% of people had used telehealth services before the pandemic. Now, the majority say they’re likely to continue using it even once the pandemic has passed. The healthcare industry as a whole had to pivot as a result of the pandemic-induced telehealth boom.

Providers quickly had to determine what works and what doesn’t to serve a sudden influx of virtual patients. They also had to start planning for a post-pandemic future that will likely see patients rely on electronic health solutions far more than before COVID-19.

Implemented effectively, a digital-first approach reduces risks for patients and staff while streamlining the entire healthcare process. COVID-19 has done a lot to highlight telehealth’s potential, but it has also clarified how much more work is needed.

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