Automation in Healthcare: What Can We Expect?

Automation in Healthcare: What Can We Expect?

Posted Aug 28, 2021 from

Among the industries impacted by COVID-19 since 2020, healthcare would surely take pole position. The sector, already experiencing the benefits of digital innovations for some time, suddenly was thrust into a situation where transformation had to happen at any cost! From a steady, largely predictable number of patients to attend to, the facilities suddenly found themselves overwhelmed and the existing human personnel, grossly inadequate. This brought about a rise in virtual healthcare, and the use of data analytics for interoperability.

Amongst these hurdles, many organizations rose to adapt and embrace the most efficient technology to combat the situation – automation. Keeping in mind the targets of minimizing cost and increasing efficiency, many forms of automation such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), CA (Cognitive Automation), and others came to the forefront.

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