Precision Medicine Requires IT Beyond Traditional EMRs

Precision Medicine Requires IT Beyond Traditional EMRs

Posted Jan 27, 2021 from

With more patients being tested—and more providers ordering these tests—it’s critical for health system leaders to evaluate the workflows and solutions available to govern ordering practices and manage resulting genetic/genomic information.

Those who anticipate that their electronic medical record (EMR) will provide the flexibility necessary to accommodate the influx of genetic and genomic information will find themselves poorly prepared.

Central to its approach is the utilization of a precision medicine platform that integrates with multiple genetic/genomic labs and sits on top of the EMRs used across the enterprise. Results from various molecular labs and information from the provider’s preferred clinical software are consumed and synthesized into a comprehensive clinical-genomic ontology.

Insightful and innovative leaders will focus on their precision medicine strategy and ensure clinicians have the tools they need to leverage the important data generated through genetic and genomic testing.

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  • Precision Medicine Requires IT Beyond Traditional EMRs

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