8 Patient Experience Trends to Watch in 2021

8 Patient Experience Trends to Watch in 2021

Posted Mar 5, 2021 from

COVID-19 changed the world this past year, and no industry was impacted more than healthcare. Coronavirus exposed the inefficiencies, disparities, and weaknesses of our healthcare system, and both providers and patients were in the crosshairs.

Understanding patient experience is critical to our recovery from COVID-19 and for our health systems to be successful going forward. Health systems had to be nimble, innovative, and agile in response to this disease. This ingenuity must continue in order to improve patient experience and healthcare generally. We can learn from and leverage the approaches that have powered our system’s ability to eliminate wait times, create pop-up testing and treatment centers, and impart compassion when loved ones could not be in the room.

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  • 8 Patient Experience Trends to Watch in 2021

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