Outcome-Based Healthcare’s Data Ownership Challenge

Outcome-Based Healthcare’s Data Ownership Challenge

Posted May 13, 2021 from

Healthcare is highly regulated when it comes to data security and privacy, and rightly so. Patient data is ultra-sensitive and any changes made to records could literally cost someone their life.

As more and more providers transform to outcome-based healthcare models, however, the ability to minimize risk of data exposure is getting harder to do. That’s because, in order to increase efficiencies and optimize patient care, organizations are increasingly introducing cloud-based, or SaaS, applications into their processes.

Where data is stored is critical to how accessible, secure and auditable it is. One way organizations can help make improvements on all counts is by bringing data storage in-house instead of keeping it in SaaS vendors’ applications where there is less control and visibility, and where more hops are required by users who need to access the data.

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