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Orthognathic surgery, also known as jaw surgery, is a type of oral and maxillofacial surgery that is used to correct structural abnormalities of the jaw and facial bones. These abnormalities can include issues with the jaw size and position, the bite, and the symmetry of the face. Orthognathic surgery is typically performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons, who are dental specialists with advanced training in surgical procedures of the face, mouth, and jaw.

The goal of orthognathic surgery is to improve the function and appearance of the jaw and teeth, and to correct problems such as difficulty biting, chewing, or speaking. Surgery is typically performed on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, and may involve moving the jaw bones forward, backward, or upward, or rotating them to achieve the desired results.

Orthognathic surgery is typically done in a hospital or outpatient surgery center, and the patient is given general anesthesia. Recovery time can vary depending on the extent of the surgery, but patients usually need to take several weeks off work or school to recover. After the surgery, patients will work with an orthodontist to align the teeth properly.

Orthognathic surgery can be a complex and demanding process, but it can also have a significant positive impact on a person’s quality of life, improving their ability to eat, speak, and breathe properly.

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