Medigy: Innovation Lifecycle

This CoP targets Innovation Office Practitioners that include Digital Health Innovators, Medical Practitioners, Allied Healthcare Professionals, Nursing Staff, Surgeons, Innovation Regulators, and Influencers. Healthcare Delivery Procurement Officers and related professionals such as Consultants and Integrators involved in innovation lifecycle through, to those involved in making informed purchase decisions for their health institutions, also are an important target audience of this CoP. The ILCoP spills out the secrets related to Innovation Lifecyle from Discovery, Procurement to Diffusion. The actionable insights that help address current challenges in Healthcare Innovation will touch upon articles that highlight the common mistakes, misconceptions, and how-to-guides to evaluating innovations and successfully implementing them to achieve better evidence driven outcomes in care. Case studies and real life stories on Failures Vs Success in healthcare innovation will also form an integral part of this CoP.

The ILCoP goes beyond news and views, where we explain how to de-risk your innovations with the help of Medigy whilst empowering your innovation practice, engage your end users, optimize operations and transform your innovation with the mission to resolve challenges in procurement and innovation diffusion, eventually to deliver quality care efficiently and effectively.

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