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Infertility diagnosis is done to rule out the reasons of a couple being not able to conceive even after having regular unprotected sex. There can be many reasons for infertility in a couple and some of them are: the male is not able to contribute to conceptions or the female is female is unable to hold the pregnancy to a full term. Most people blame females for infertility, but medical science does not support that and has proved that males can equally contribute to infertility. Male infertility diagnosis can be made on the basis of different signs & symptoms such as low sperm count, less mobile sperms, abnormality in sperms, ejaculation issues, etc. Similarly, diagnosis of female infertility is made on the basis of certain signs and symptoms including abnormality in uterus & fallopian tubes, delayed ovulation releasing fewer eggs during ovulation, presence of abnormal levels of ovulatory hormones, etc.

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