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Dermatology refers to the field of science that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin related disorders. Hospitals have dermatology departments for delivering comprehensive, superior, and advanced dermatologic care to patients via latest technologies. Healthcare organizations have experts in dermatology to diagnose and treat all kinds of skin related conditions from the most common to the most rare and complex. Cosmetic dermatology being a subspecialty of dermatology focuses on aesthetic issues and the cosmetic applications of dermatology. Integrated dermatology is a field of dermatology that goes beyond the prevention and treatment of diseases and includes the psychological, social, physical, environmental, and biological aspects of dermatological diseases.

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      Derm ImageAssist

      Derm ImageAssist™ walk patients through taking a comprehensive set of photos in clinical poses. All images are automatically checked for quality. ImageAssist is free-of-charge for all clinics affected …

      Posted May 30, 2022 Imaging Technology Dermatology

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