Medical Subject Headings (MeSH): Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors are individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and have completed treatment. Cancer treatment can have a significant physical and emotional impact on survivors, and it is important for them to receive ongoing care and support to manage any long-term effects of their cancer and treatment.

There are a number of healthcare professionals and services that can help cancer survivors manage their health after treatment. These may include:

Primary care doctors: Primary care doctors can help cancer survivors manage their overall health and any ongoing medical concerns. They may also help coordinate care with other specialists as needed.

Oncologists: Oncologists are doctors who specialize in cancer treatment. Cancer survivors may continue to see an oncologist for follow-up care and to monitor for any signs of cancer recurrence.

Rehabilitation services: Cancer survivors may benefit from rehabilitation services to help them recover physical function and strength after treatment. This may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Supportive care services: Cancer survivors may also benefit from supportive care services such as nutrition support, pain management, and emotional support to help them manage any long-term effects of their cancer and treatment.

Cancer survivors may also find it helpful to connect with support groups and resources specifically for cancer survivors. These can provide a sense of community and a source of emotional support and information.

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