Innovation Lifecycle Management: Standardization Initiatives

In today's healthcare market, standardization is a prominent topic. Standardization, which has been hailed as the most successful means of lowering hospital supply prices, is considered to provide high-quality patient care at a low cost. Standardization also aids hospitals in establishing a stable supply chain with predefined product options that can tolerate disruptions. As health care providers seek to offer the best possible care for their patients, their opposition reveals a lack of faith in the power of standardization to produce positive outcomes. As a result, the interpretation of standardization by hospital management and suppliers differs from that of clinical end-users. Continuously exploring and analyzing new pathways of patient care is one approach to reach goals, but it all starts with a look at value. Every institution should make it a goal to attain the best-combined value possible at every step of the process, from product selection to quality patient care. HCOs may accomplish their own "even better" by maintaining consistency in treatment – with high-quality products, processes led by best practices, and an emphasis on complete value.

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