Innovation Lifecycle Management: Power of Incentive

Essentially, the care provided is of excellent standard. The expenses are low. However, there is a concern: your service is rated below average by your patients. To make matters harder, a swarm of low-cost adversaries has invaded your market, threatening your market share. You’re likely to have to really enhance patient engagement to survive. What will you do? The role of incentives in health is therefore very important. With chronic conditions accounting for approximately 75% of all healthcare expenditure, the majority of which are curable, the power of incentives in hospital systems must be recognized at the research and planning stage. To enhance the healthcare system, it is vital to both understand the different types of incentives that are effective and to include these benefits into strategy, the employment environment, and commerce. Here we offer you insights on the wellness program incentives, health incentives and hospital strategies that helps a healthcare system to retain its staff as well as promote patient satisfaction through implementation and adoption of new technologies.

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