Healthcare IT Today: Telemedicine & Remote Monitoring

Telemedicine & remote patient monitoring are remote care technologies designed for monitoring patients outside traditional care settings. Telemedicine has revolutionized the delivery of healthcare services especially in light of COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. It offers substantial advantages to healthcare providers by providing clinical support, reducing the need to travel, reducing geographic barriers to care, improving patient outcomes, etc. Besides, the adoption of telemedicine solutions provides considerable benefits to healthcare providers due to which it has become an essential tool within the healthcare. Some of the benefits of telemedicine include long-term care management, greater patient satisfaction, high patient outcomes, and improved patient care, etc.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions prevent hospital readmissions and also empower patients to improve their health. Due to the slew of benefits offered by RPM technology, a growing number of clinicians are adopting remote patient monitoring. Some of the benefits of RPM for clinicians include the ability to better manage chronic conditions, lower costs and increased efficiencies, ease of access to patient data, etc.

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    With CandidMonitoring™️, you can have it all: the discreteness of clear aligners, the convenience of treatment without office visits, and oversight by an orthodontist.

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