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51-200 Healthcare

26 Shabazi St, Yehud-Monosson, Israel, 5623108, Israel

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About Us

Vayyar started with a vision of developing a more effective way of screening for early-stage breast cancer using radio frequency technology. As our technology matured, we created additional solutions in multiple industries. Vayyar’s mission is to continue delivering the next generation of sensing technology that is miniature, affordable and versatile enough to make a genuine difference to everyone’s lives.

Vayyar sensors generate rich point cloud data, enabling devices to instantly recognize and respond to their surroundings, while an ultra-wide field of view ensures maximum horizontal and vertical coverage. Because 4D imaging radar sensors do not rely on cameras or optics, they are robust in all lighting and weather conditions, do not rely on line-of-sight and maintain privacy at all times.

  • Vayyar Home Sensors

    Vayyar Home Sensors

    Vayyar Home sensors automatically detect falls and provide data that enables caregivers to remotely identify deteriorating health patterns. It is Smart, discreet and touchless, Vayyar Home sensors …

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