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About Us

It all started by putting a TV in a patient’s room 70 years ago. Since then our in-room television service solutions have grown to better serve our partners and to better power the patient experience across the entire care continuum.

Now a leader in interactive patient experience solutions, we partner closely with our clients to design, implement, and support their needs. We understand that each system, hospital, and clinic is unique so no two solutions can be exactly alike. We personalize timing, features, and funding options to find the solution that’s right for you now and can scale when you’re ready. Our trusted approach makes us proud to have the longest client retention in the industry. In fact, we have not lost an Interactive Patient Care client in the past 8 years and counting.

pCare’s leadership team boasts decades of experience in healthcare technology and innovation. With visionary goals and actionable plans, the pCare leadership team is changing the patient experience one personalized system at a time.