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About Us

At TotalMD we believe great software doesnt have to be expensive. That is why we developed medical software that is easy to use, comprehensive, and reasonably priced.

Tired of the big medical software corporations, TotalMDs co-founders David Arnett and Lee Varney realized they preferred a more unique, personalized approach. They put together a team of experienced programmers in the medical software field who had the same vision, and they got to work. In 2008 they created TotalMD, an all-in-one software solution that included innovative practice management, billing and EHR features that were easy to use, all at a fraction of the price of what was available on the market.

  • TotalMD - Practice Management Software

    TotalMD - Practice Management Software

    You need your practice to run smoothly so that you can provide great patient care - profitably. Simplify your entire workflow for you and your staff. From scheduling, revenue management, claims ā€¦

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  • EMR / EHR Software

    EMR / EHR Software

    Electronic health records software allows you to chart quickly and easily, while staying organized and focused on patient care. With TotalMD, you have the choice of using our built in EHR solution, ā€¦

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  • Backline Telehealth Solution

    Backline Telehealth Solution

    Seeing patients virtually allows clinicians to screen those that might be infected with no risk of viral spread.

    Another benefit is utilizing telehealth for checkups, and routine matters reduce ā€¦

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