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About Us

TimelyMD is the only student-first telehealth provider that offers a complete care solution for campus health. As a company, we challenge our employees to innovate, collaborate and grow in an effort to improve healthcare for the better. As a partner, we are flexible and responsive, and scale to meet the needs of your campus.

We formed TimelyMD knowing that there is a need for a student telehealth provider that goes well beyond physical care. To us, that means easy access to the best medical and mental healthcare, right when they need it. We believe that when students have the right support their potential to thrive physically, emotionally and academically grows exponentially.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team of people who are passionate about changing the future of healthcare. Together, we are transforming higher education health services through thoughtful telehealth programs built to the unique needs of our partner schools. We hope our work allows students to begin conversations earlier, get treated faster and ensure student healthcare gets better for everyone.

  • Telehealth for Medical Students

    Telehealth for Medical Students

    Great healthcare starts with great medical and mental health care professionals. That’s why we’re partnering with forward-thinking providers - like you - to change student health for the better. By …

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