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About Us

Theator is pioneering the Surgical Intelligence revolution. Our technology is the next generation of AI in surgery built by surgeons for surgeons, and designed to raise their expertise to the highest possible level.

Our goal isn’t just better surgery. It’s to create a whole new experience of AI in surgery. A next-generation OR, with real-time surgical decision support and AI-driven robotic procedures all powered by surgical intelligence. To make this future a reality, we assembled a team of leading surgeons, computer vision experts, clinical specialists, and software developers. Together, we are using real-world scientific data to develop advanced AI capabilities that will fuel more consistently successful surgeries, and ultimately, a healthier world. This is the Surgical intelligence revolution.

  • Theator's Surgical Intelligence platform

    Theator's Surgical Intelligence platform

    Explore how to elevate surgical performance like never before with the world’s first Surgical Intelligence platform. Easily access defining moments across a range of parameters including: steps, …

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