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About Us

At RXNT, we believe healthcare providers deserve access to the tools they need to focus on what they do best - providing patient care. Administrative tasks, though increasingly essential, should never distract from providing excellent, face-to-face care.

We developed our healthcare technology with this goal in mind. As a result, our feature-rich Electronic Prescribing (eRx), Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Practice Management (PM) software comes with all the tools you need to send prescriptions easily, record patient information accurately, and get reimbursed quickly while building strong patient relationships and improving interactions at the point of care.

In addition to industry-leading healthcare technology, we provide service and support to ensure our clients benefit from these tools from day one. Our knowledgeable team members help promote your success by delivering implementation assistance, training, and live support at no extra cost.

  • RXNT - Electronic Prescribing Software

    RXNT - Electronic Prescribing Software

    At RXNT, we believe healthcare organizations should spend their energy serving patient needs without administrative tasks getting in the way. Switching to electronic prescribing can save your …

    Posted   Electronic Prescribing

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  • Patient Engagement Software by RXNT

    Patient Engagement Software by RXNT

    The role of most healthcare professionals has always been to interact with patients directly; however, health outcomes and satisfaction can improve when patients remain engaged with their own care …

    Posted   Patient Engagement

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  • RXNT - Telemedicine-Friendly Software

    RXNT - Telemedicine-Friendly Software

    Our digital platform is telehealth-friendly, seamlessly bill for your services. Get secure telehealth, without disrupting the efficiencies and intuitive workflows you need to keep your practice …

    Posted   Telehealth Telemedicine

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